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Tor // Illinoize

Tor / Sufjan Stevens – “The Dress Looks Nice on You / Make You Feel That Way (f. Gift of Gab)”

Tor / Sufjan Stevens – “The Tallest Man / I Like It (f. Grand Puba)”

I rarely play my music on shuffle. This morning, as I was searching for something to post about, I returned to my “New Albums of 2009” playlist, and hit shuffle. The first song that came on was “That Dress Looks Nice On You / Feel That Way”, a song off of Montreal-based producer Tor’s sample album Illinoize. I love rap, I love remixes, I love Sufjan Stevens, I love jazzy instrumentals. Tor blends all of these sampled elements seamlessly into Illinoize, which marries selections off of Sufjan Stevens’ 2005 album Illinoise (as well as A Sun Came, Seven Swans, and Songs for Christmas) with MCs Aesop Rock, Big Daddy Kane, Gift of Gab (from Blackalicious, C.L. Smooth, Outkast, Brother Ali, and Grand Puba.

You can download the entire album HERE


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