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Jamie Woon – “Night Air (Ramadanman Refix)”

Jamie Woon – “Night Air (Ramadanman Refix)”

I must admit, I really dislike most dubstep. I understand the importance of its foundation and progression in music culture, and I pick and choose songs from producers who I think do it right (Deadmau5, Skillrex, Flux Pavilion, Foamo, Burial, etc). But I whenever I hear someone say “WAIT FOR THE DROP DUDE!” I squint my eyes and brace myself for something that sounds truly terrible (I say this reluctantly because I know how many die-hard dubstep fans are out there ready to slit my throat). Of course, my opinion completely changes when I’m fucked up in a room filled with masses of people dancing. That said, a lot of dubstep seems to cater to that exact situation: ecstasy, booze, raging without knowing what’s going on or thinking about the music, etc.

However (thank god), we’re starting to see the genre evolve into more accessible and approachable forms. As I mention in an earlier post, James Blake is a perfect example of an evolved dub sound done right (and it’s clearly paying off, everyone seems to love him). Jamie XX’s solo work provides us with another great example. Jamie Woon (I guess the “Jam” is the key) isn’t quite as well known as the other two, but he definitely succeeds in creating a deep, wobbly, hauntingly ambient sound without making ears bleed. This Ramadanman refix is a great atmospheric song that just envelops your mind…



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