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Alex Winston – “Locomotive (Jaybird Remix)”

Alex Winston – “Locomotive (Jaybird Remix)”

I absolutely love electronic remixes of indie rock songs. There are endless debates between electronic fans and those who claim to be “analog guys stuck in the digital world” (thank you Hank Moody) over the legitimacy of electronic music. Unfortunately, those who hate electronic music based on principal just haven’t heard enough of it to be convinced otherwise. They’re still scarred by early techno that, seemingly, had no significance in the music world at the time (which, like dubstep, is why it is so significant before it evolves into something greater and more palatable). Or they turn to Girl Talk and see a talentless producer who throws 100 previously popular songs into one shitty garbage bag of a song.

Well, in my opinion, well produced electronic remixes of indie songs are what initially convince electronic haters of the potential sweetness of electronic production. Songs that are already great in their own rights are transformed or enhanced to create an entirely different feel. It opens a vast world of possibility. The more music, the better.

Alex Winston hails from Detroit, and is currently working with the NYC production duo, The Knocks. Her oddly catchy “freak folk” voice reminds me of Marina’s from Marina & the Diamonds, or a more palatable Joanna Newsom. This Jaybird remix is a great rendition of an already great song. I love the atmosphere the sound creates with the whooshing air and echoes.


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